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Benefits of Self-Defense

Safety - The world is not a nice place and learning self-defense skills can help you protect yourself and your family from an attacker in public, while at home, or in almost any other situation. What is key is to learn how to stop an attacker so that an escape is feasible and you can get away. Instructed by these Masters, these skills become instinctive, so that you will be ready should the moment ever arrive where you need to defend yourself. Self-defense is something everyone should have; including children, woman, and men.
Confidence - Knowing that you have been trained to protect yourself will boost your confidence and you will see it this confidence throughout all areas of your life. While men do get a confidence boost, it is woman that really gain in this ability. It's because self-defense gives women the ability to defend themselves better which translates to their fear level dropping. Children also gain a confidence boost and you can see the results in their positive interactions with other children in school.
Focus - Learning self-defense is more than the knowledge of what to do; it's about doing it over and over until it becomes natural. This repetition develops focus and will help you to concentration on the task at hand. This will spill over into other areas of your life, whether at school, at work or at home. You will find yourself less easily distracted and more focused on your goal.
Social Interaction - Learning self-defense is usually conducted in a class environment with other students. Students will line up one-on-one to practice their self-defense techniques in a safe environment under a Masters instruction. This gives everyone a chance to get to know other people of different ages, races, and backgrounds. By interacting with many people in a class, it will help build greater tolerance for other people and understanding of other cultures.
Getting In Shape - Another benefit of practicing self-defense in class is that you will find yourself getting into shape. A class usually starts with warm-up period that includes stretching and preparing mentally. Then moves on to strength exercises to help you execute the self-defense techniques you will learn. All this activity gets your heart rate up to a nice calorie burning level.
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